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Helicopter Maintenance on energized 765,000 Volt Line

Посмотрела видео, как ремонтируют высоковольтные линии без отключения. С вертолёта.


Прямо очень прониклась.

Кто захочет написать про дроны: нет, дроном такое сделать нельзя. Да, ПОКА нельзя. Но нельзя. Поэтому люди.

- Beats sitting in a fucking cubicle. This guy probably is quite highly paid, too. Do you trust your buddy who's flying the thing? You better. I can't think of a more cooperative relationship. One false move.... I suppose this is classified as a blue-collar job. Shows how you can make a lot of money DOING STUFF instead of just shuffling papers.

- Years ago, before I retired I painted high voltage towers for a company out of Indianapolis. Back then we didn't use safety belts or a safety harness or any ropes. We wasn't allowed to even if we wanted to, for fear of somebody getting them tangled in a " hot " line. We painted these transmission towers while energized. The cracking, humming sound of this very high voltage is something I'll never forget, working up close to it. We would have to crawl, on our hands and knees out onto the " arm" holding the insulator and line. And, be darn sure you keep your head down low, don't let your leg slip, while kneeing down on a small steel angle and paint your way back. At times we might get a static charge of electricity, if we wasn't holding on good. It didn't serious hurt you, but it was enough to make you get a hold. It was hard work. The company urged " racing", where we competed against each other, and the forman, who was the fastest tower painter I knew, would instigate this. If you wasn't on the ground shortly after he was, with your part completed and done right, you got left behind and walked to the next tower. Which, by the way, is where the water cooler, your lunch, and anything else was, in his truck. So, you learned real quick, bust your a-- , work hard and do it right.In all the several years I painted high voltage towers and substations I never seen anybody get into a " hot" line. But, after I left a very close friend did, in a substation working in Houston, Tx., it didn't kill him, somehow, he did survive, but it disfigured him very badly, and he never worked again. He was such a nice guy, and a very hard worker. My hat's off to these guys in this video also. The technology they have available today is amazing. I really enjoyed watching this since I worked in this field awhile. Be careful guys.
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